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1. One of the most realistic replica firearm training platforms available.

Chaos Training Solutions is one of the most realistic, non-lethal training tools that leverages airsoft munitions and is built to perfectly replicate modern firearms. CTS platforms are meticulously designed and built to allow complex and dynamic training using realistic weapons manipulation and recoil.

Unlike others, our relationship begins the moment you buy your gun. A Chaos Concierge will call you within 24 hours to discuss customizing your platform to your specific needs. We will then build, tune and sight each rifle and/or pistol specific to your needs. Every platform comes with a warranty and is test fired to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy.

Born from the chaos on the battlefield, perfected in the machine shop – Welcome to Chaos Training Solutions.

2. Mission Statement & Disclaimer


Chaos Training Solutions (CTS) provides non-lethal gas-operated training weapons solutions inspired by recognizing a genuinely large gap between laser simulation and real firearms used for training purposes.

Our “answer” is producing superior quality platforms utilizing airsoft munitions, allowing for safe and affordable sustained use, with the true feel and manipulation of real firearms imperative to quality and representative training.

From the inadequacy and lack of recoil using laser simulations, to the inherent liabilities of real firearms use and expense of simulated training rounds, Chaos Training Solutions delivers right in the middle. An accurate, dependable, real feel training weapon that costs less than $.01 per shot.


Please observe all airsoft safety rules as well as manufacturer guidelines for proper use and maintenance. Obey all Federal, State, and Local laws. All trademarks are licensed for commercial use. Current pre-production models are based on current VFC and GHK platforms. We are currently prototyping are own proprietary system, the CTS4.MK1 and Steel Slide Pistol Variants. Every training platform we sell can not be converted to a real firearm and meets all current ATF regualtions and laws. Chaos Training Solutions does not manufacture any magazines that are included with your purchase.

3. CTS Update

The CTS Weekly Update will provide an in-depth look behind the scences of the progress in developing the NEW CTS4 and CTS Pistol Platforms.

We will also be updating you on current inventory levels, production timelines, and answering any questions you have along with weekly announcemnts. If you would like to submit a questoins to be anwered on the update, please, email us at: info@trainwithchaos.com

Please follow us on our Social Media and YouTube Channels. Train Hard, Stay Safe, and Thank You for Supporting Chaos.

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