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CTS4 Reservation

Chaos will only be taking LEO CTS4 Pre-orders

The CTS4 is an American made & designed training tool using 6mm non-lethal training munitions, built from the ground up, using never-before-seen technologies in the market. Each CTS4 will be built to nearly replicate your current real steel m4 and will be the premier training tool on the market. The CTS4 is dropping mid-to-late 2022.

Chaos has listed the 1st 100 serial numbers for a limited pre-production release and pre-order: CTS4-2200 through CTS4-2299. After the first 100 are reserved, there will never be a 4 digit serial number offered again.

We are still finalizing the pricing for the CTS and we are expecting the rifle to be in the low to mid $2000's. We are working hard on bringing the most value packed rifle while maintaining extremely high standards.

Each CTS4 includes 3 Rifle Mags, 2000 BB’s, Propane Adapters and a Custom modular-cut Pelican Case and is backed by a warranty and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. - Accessories Subject to Change

*Please note: A final balance will be due, retail price of the CTS4 minus the reservation deposit of $99, before delivery of the rifle can be made.